The Brodie Lane location is a Wash Day Laundry Express and the machines use coins, unlike our stores in Oak Hill and Wimberley. Our Brodie Lane location is fully attended and open daily from 7AM to 9PM every day except select holidays. See our Hours for more details. 


Brodie Lane Store

We offer 28 washers in four sizes

  • 10-1 1/2 load capacity for $2.00
  • 13-3 load capacity for $3.75
  • 4-4 load capacity for $4.50
  • 1-6 load capacity for $6.50

We offer 20 dryers

Our store has 20 dryers at $0.25 for 6 minutes of drying time. Average drying time is 36 to 42 minutes. 


Free WiFi

Our Brodie location offers television and free wi-fi to make your wait comfortable and productive.  Gloria is there 

to assist and answer any questions. She keeps our store spotlessly clean!


Wash and Fold service saves your valuable time. Find out how we can do your laundry in just four minutes.

  • We charge $1.35 per pound of clothing (10 lb. minimum).  
  • Our staff will pre-treat for stains at your request; then wash, dry and fold your laundry
  • If you provide hangers, we are happy to hang items
Brodie Lane Manager

For pick-up and delivery or commercial account information, call 512-585-5986.

Our laundries are always fully-attended so we can provide superior service.



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Hwy 71 in Oak Hill (SW Austin)  Brodie Lane (South Austin)  Wimberley
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