I just left your laundromat and wanted to tell you of my experience. I am 63 years old and have used several laundromats over the years, although I live with my son and daughter-in-law and we have a washer and dryer, our dryer is broken and a repairman will not be here til Tuesday. We have a family of five and it would be unreasonable for us to go that long without washing and drying clothes.My son went on line and found your laundromat and we took the virtual tour of it and decided it was worth the drive. We live in Manchaca. The lady on duty tonight ( I did not get her name) was very nice and helpful--I had never been to your place of business and she was very helpful.

Yours is the cleanest laundromat I have ever been to. My question is -- have you thought of opening one up for us down south? Southpark Meadows would be a great place, or any place south of Slaughter, but not tooo far south. Just wanted to let you know, that if I find we have to go to a laundromat again, we will make the trip to your business, unless of course you open one down here.


Although the Oak Hill washateria is far from me, I prefer it for several reasons:

  1. It is absolutely immaculate- they have someone on staff at all times cleaning up trash and rubbing the machines dry with a cloth (I'm not joking).
  2. It is ALWAYS staffed with a manager to oversee things or answer questions. The owner is super friendly and sweet!
  3. No more coins!!! They work on a card system and you can add credit to it with cash or a debit card. One time I found a bag of quarters from my old washing days, and they even changed that for cash for me so I could put the mula on my card!
  4. My clothes come out very clean and smelling good! I have been to other washaterias, and for some reason, my clothes never smell like they do when I washed at my mom's house. At this place, they totally do!!
  5. Energy saving washers and dryers.
  6. They only have large-capacity washers and dryers. Although this may be a negative for those that wash every 2 days, my loads end up being ginormous, so this saves me from having to take up 2 or 3 regular washers with one load of darks! Yippeee! The washers I use fit about 2 loads of clothes, cost $3, and take about 25 minutes. The dryers cost $.30 for 7 minutes, and I usually need about 28 mins for clothes, and a little more for towels and linens.
  7. Free wireless!! 

More than anything, I feel safe going to this place and I love how my clothes come out!" I love Wash Day Laundry! It's the perfect place to wash those big dog pillows and horse blankets. Fabulous huge washers and dryers. Thanks for being so convenient!

Catharine M.

I haven't used a laundromat for forever. Then my washing machine broke in the middle of a load and I couldn't get Sears out to repair it for 4 days (but that's another Yelp) . I had heard about Wash Day at lunch for business owners. I called them to see what they could do and they were able to come pick up my laundry ON A SUNDAY, AT MY HOUSE and deliver it back to my home on Monday. I didn't think anybody delivered that level of customer service any more.

Ragen C.

I found myself in a bind and needed a bunch of my clothes washed so I found Wash Day Laundry online. The minute I got there I knew that I made the right choice. Here is why: -The owner was super helpful and guided me along the entire process of washing and drying. He was really on his feet the entire time I was there helping everyone. Great clean facility (even the bathroom was really clean). Wonderful selection of magazines (Real Simple etc.) More than enough places to sit down while waiting.

Sarah J.

This place is GREAT! I dread laundromats but this one is clean, the machines all work and there are plenty of them, and the owner is friendly and helpful. I have a washer and dryer at home but comforters require a large commercial machine. Coming here is totally worth the 30 minute drive from my house. It was empty at 7:00 Sunday morning. I will make the trek out here again from now on.

Adrienne D.

This place is awesome. I've never taken my clothes to a wash/dry/fold service before, so I felt a little weird handing a complete stranger FORTY POUNDS of dirty laundry. Yeah, that's right. Forty pounds . I had a couple of plastic containers full of clothes from when I moved a couple of years ago. When I got there, they were having a Monday Special, and it was only 99 cents per pound (plus tax), so I saved a bit of money. Sure, I could've taken the time to wash them at home, but I liked the idea of just dropping it all off in one shot instead of running a "laundry train" on my washer and dryer. The guy who was working when I picked up my clothes two days later seemed a bit disorganized, but I think he might've been new. And no, I didn't weigh the clothes post-wash to see how much dirt washed out of them.

Tom S.


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