Wash Day is a locally owned and operated Austin-based business. We are not a corporate conglomerate or a business with absentee owners. Our staff is bilingual and will show you how to use our laundry equipment most effectively.  We want to re-invent the image of laundromats in Austin, so you can be guaranteed a clean environment with efficient and well-maintained equipment and a choice of time-saving services.

Our mission is to be environmentally responsible and an asset to the community.  

We are proud members of the Austin Independent Business Alliance and the Coin Laundry Association.

Jamie, Louise and Tom

How do three very different people break into the laundry business? Jamie's background is in dry cleaning; he wanted to open a laundromat because of the high demand for wash and fold service. Louise is a working Mom and was looking to retire from the corporate world.  Her washing machine broke, and she couldn't find a suitable local laundromat. Tom's background in general contracting and landscaping lent itself perfectly to the business.  Their three different backgrounds and skill sets form the foundation for modern, efficient laundromats that are involved in the local community.  

Jamie's role is Operations.  He hires and trains the employees, manages the delivery program, and works at each store to ensure quality control.

Louise works in business development.  She reaches out into the community to get the word out, keeping Wash Day Laundry's name in front of potential customers.

Tom not only builds or renovates the laundromats, but he is also the financial manager.  He ensures all equipment is running and stays in good repair.

Wash Day Laundry has a team of capable and hard-working professional managers and attendants - Martha, Ana and Maria at Oak Hill; Fey and Sabrina at Wimberley; and Gloria and Nohemi at Brodie.  They assist customers, handle wash and fold service, keep the laundromats clean, and are the heartbeat of the business. 


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Wash Day Laundry's menu of services continues to evolve based on customer feedback.

What about our mission?  To be environmentally responsible and an asset to the community...

We use an additive-free product line, and as we build or renovate our laundromats, we take care to select high-efficiency machines with particular focus on low water usage.  We monitor utility bills and encourage our customers to recycle.

Our community involvement includes gift card donations to schools, churches, non-profits and civic organizations.  We work with community leaders and offer our services at no charge to those in need.



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